You and your guests will be dazzled by the superb close-up magic of Jack Diamond. Whether it is strolling magic or a close-up show, you will have provided the memorable, fun experience you want for your guests.

Watch a 2 Minute Video of a Summer Party:

STROLLING MAGIC happens wherever people are standing or sitting. The magician comes to you and the magic happens right in front of your eyes, or even right in your hands. Strolling magic is great at cocktail hours, between the courses at banquets and at private parties.

A CLOSE- UP SHOW is an intimate form of magic show. Suitable for small to medium sized groups, everyone is close enough to be completely engaged in the performance. A close-up show goes well by itself or as part of a package with strolling magic. It can be the “special something” you want at a private party.